Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Psychedelic Tuesday

Kids are always asking each other, "What's your favorite color?" It seems to be an important question for them. Perhaps this is an early precursor to personality tests. For a short while in the early 70s I answered this question with the would-be color, "psychedelic." It contained all the colors with an added element of trendy subversion. Happy psychedelic Tuesday.


el space vato said...

Oh, yeah! Doc Ellis. Being an ex-colligate baseball player I read up a lot about the game and I still follow baseball (Giants). Last year I guy I used to play on the men's senior baseball league with in the city loaned me a copy of Doc's book.
He talks about that game in his book.
Amazing he threw a no-no on LSD! Ha ha ha! Love it!

Lisa Mc said...

Barbara Manning (SF Seals) has an excellent psychedelic song about Dock Ellis' no-no. We made a music video of it years ago and I've been meaning to get it digitized for the site. Look for it in 2010.

Also, his book is good. Highly recommended for baseball AND literature fans, especially those who are interested in the 70s.