Monday, January 11, 2010

Jack Logan - Female Jesus

Today's video is from 1994's "Bulk," a double CD put out by Jack Logan on Medium Cool Records. Who is Jack Logan, you may wonder? He's kind of the Peter Frampton of early 90s indie rock. Remember (children of the 70s) how "Frampton Comes Alive" just seemed to APPEAR in everyone's record collection almost instantaneously even though no one had ever heard of Peter Frampton until that moment? And the crazed frenzy of the live shows recorded therein made perfectly plain that This Was Superstar Material. It was kind of baffling at the time.

Well, "Bulk" was kind of the low-key version of that. It just showed up in record stores (remember those?)--two CDs stuffed with songs that were pretty accomplished and thoughtful from a guy no one had ever heard of. But I guess the right people had because Logan had created some superhero comic books featuring REM's Peter Buck as the superhero. When Peter Buck came calling, Jack Logan was there to receive the calls. And even MORE prepared than the average comic-book creator, he had 600 songs ready for publication.

"Bulk" wasn't quite THAT bulky, but it did seem to exist where there was formerly nothing there. And Female Jesus is my favorite song on it (although there's quite an array to choose from), so here's a video with some 40s-era Chicago scenes. My other music videos were more naturally "born" of archival footage. This one I sort of crammed my own ideas into it, using what I had on hand, which is rich in scope, thanks to the Prelinger Archives.

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