Monday, January 25, 2010

Sound Tracks - Music Without Borders (tonight)

I'm going to check out this new PBS show, "Sound Tracks" tonight at 10 p.m. It looks great. Informative blurb:

Sound Tracks will guide millions of PBS viewers, young and old, into a world of exciting music, exotic destinations and different cultures. It is music without borders told by experienced journalists.

Host Marco Werman and his band of journalists will explore culture, music, food, and report their findings back to us in high definition. Tonight's episode features Vladmir Putin propaganda pop, Fela Kuti and the Broadway show he inspired, Mariza, queen of Portuguese blues music, and the phony Kazakhstan national anthem, written and performed by Sacha Baron Cohen's brother, Erran, for "Borat." The "anthem" was entirely recorded by Erran, who overdubbed his voice 40 times for that big, big sound.

You can also watch tonight's episode right here.
The review is in.

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