Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mental Beach Party Movie Moment

Jesus--have you read the news lately? Everything's endlessly falling apart. People are destroying one another with any weapon available including neglect and starvation. The U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt and our public schools are being threatened with the wrecking ball. The wars continue. How long was the Hundred Years' War again? Can that be repeated?

My kid has a probable somatoform disorder and who can blame him? A physical ailment resulting from mental stress is the only sane response to today's world. I'm doing the one thing I know of to relieve my own stress level. That's right--wallowing in beach party movies. How can these early 60s gems be of the same world we suffer through? There is no answer. There is only this: by the end of the second reel, Frankie and Annette MUST be reunited for there to be order in the beach cosmos.

Buster Keaton does a bit near the end here. Don't feel sorry for him. He was glad to get the work, being a workaholic. For a few years, beach party movies were good for something--a steady pay check.

"It ain't nuthin' without the stuffin'." Have wiser words ever been spoken?

Yes, it's the Beach Boys in their matching sapphire-blue blazer ensembles. When I go on a mental vacation, I go ALL out.

Oh Annette--you'll always be my pineapple princess. I'm sincere. She's adorable.

The horror! The horror!

Closing credits are part of the experience.

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