Sunday, April 04, 2010

Isn't baseball a wonderful sport?

Keith wrote down some baseball wisdom from Jackson tonight. Jackson got an Easter egg hunt (indoors, due to constant rain), a Red Sox win, and Spring Break, all at the same time, so he was feeling gregarious this evening. I really want him to start his own baseball commentary show. Since he's eight years old, does that make me a stage mother?

Keith's wrote it down:

We were sitting on the couch watching the 9th inning of the game, and Jackson said, "Isn't baseball a wonderful sport? It's my favorite. I like it a little better than Wii baseball because it's more sophisticated."

Then, lying down in bed with the lights out, he said, "I'm really proud of the Red Sox."

Then he got chattier: "I could say 'park' and you probably think I mean a park with a playground. But I'm talking about AT&T Park. I could say 'field' and you might think I'm talking about a field you run around in. But I really mean a baseball field, like Safeco Field. It might have fake grass or real grass. I could say 'roof' and you might think of a roof on a house, but I'm thinking about teams that play under a roof. Like Tampa."

Neil Diamond made a surprise visit to Fenway Park tonight to lead the traditional 8th inning sing-along to Sweet Caroline. Sox fans: They have baseball traditions that can only be compared to a Catholic Mass for reverence and emotional intensity.

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