Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So crazy it just might work!

One of the random ideas flitting through the wasteland that is my mind this week is this: WHO is equipped to star in the KC and the Sunshine Band story? Who could possibly combine the charisma with the pop-culture interludes and sheer grandeur that is the phenomena that is KC (and the Sunshine Band)? Who, I ask you? Who indeed?

It came to me in a flash: Ashton. Yes, Ashton Kutcher. He is ripe. He is due. It's a role of a lifetime. And I want to be in on the negotiations. Here I am just throwing this out there, free of charge. Don't believe in my made-for-TV vision?

Just look:

Do you see it?:

How about now? Heh? Hehhh? Yeah? See it now?

I can be reached at my home office. Ashton: call me.


Tuckers said...

It could be his boogie nights!

el space vato said...

Believe it or not, KC was in the music program of the University of Miami with none other than, Jaco Pastorius, Will Lee, Hiram Bullock and a host of others.
I guess the dude wanted to mint some money and knew that it couldn't be done playing jazz.