Thursday, May 13, 2010

TV Theme Songs for What Ails Ya

We're still dealing with lots and lots of health issues and health-plan journeys of epic proportion. Nothing helps me "escape" better than television, so here's some of my favorite TV theme songs. Ah, television--so underrated as an endorphin-raising device.

The 1970s were the golden age for TV theme songs.

TV theme songs are inspiring.


el space vato said...

I hate to say it but I found that Rhoda intro last year and it always makes me smile. I never really got into the show (my mom did) but I think it was at the end of the intro with that psychedelic city scape of Manhattan and the synth playing in the back ground that I really liked/like.

Miss Lisa said...

I was a big Rhoda fan so when she got her own show, I checked it out. I like how they combined her fantastic accent and one-liners in the song. That was missing the second season--a wise decision since the jokes would have been really stale after two seasons.

Strange use of child-like imagery and chipper music with the adult themes of marriage, family and divorce that followed. The Grant Tinker/Norman Lear television era was very adult and will always fascinate me.

el space vato said...

So true about the Lear/Tinker era. I'm not too sure but I think I heard/read somewhere that Valerie Harper is actually from Oregon and not New York.
I also liked how they used the kids singing that chipper music as well.

A side note here... you know you're "the old folks" when you're son has a brass 'M' on his key chain (for Mickey, his name) and you make a Mary Tyler Moore show crack. You and your wife laugh as the kid stares at you blankly and says, "Whose that?"