Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gary Busey Lives!

Happy birthday, Gary Busey--you talented, unpredictable live-wire! Making the world a more interesting place for 66 years now. Once I overheard a couple of hipsters standing in a movie line, talking about how Gary Busey has to die in practically all his movies. The one guy proceeded to list all the movies where Gary Busey dies. There's more than a few. He finished up his Busey thesis by claiming, "One thing's for sure, by film's end--Gary Busey must die."

This is not the case in real life. Here's to you, Mr. Busey.

Busey Beats from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.


el space vato said...

Loved Busey as Leroy the Masochist in Big Wednesday... though a goofy movie, being a lifelong surfer there are elements and moments in the movie I dig.
Busey Lives! (on the wall at Malibu right next to 'Dora Lives')

michelle robinson said...

clever. he is a strange one that busey.