Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Artwork-a-day - Painting a Polygon

It's all about the process. At least this project was. I was trying to make a decagon, or something like it, and ended up with a pentagon instead. Then I hung it from the loquat tree and let Jackson do some painting. It was a nice blustery day; perfect for flying art work.

But let me say this: for some reason, this particular little video gave me more technical difficulties than I've ever encountered in the history of YouTube uploading. I won't go into detail. Oh yes, I will. There were resolution issues, copyright infringement issues (there was background music originally), editing and sound issues. It was the Moby Dick of video publishing. And like a bad relationship, going nowhere, I stuck it out, trying to figure out WHAT I was doing wrong.

They say we artists and artist wanna-be's learn from our mistakes. What I learned: nothing. Except I am stupidly stubborn. And my computer is peculiar. And I need to get out more. Next up: rock art.

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