Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Classic Rock Vocals for the classic rock minimalist

I think Clear Channel Communications, Inc. should seriously think about a radio station that only plays classic-rock vocal tracks--just to mix it up a bit. Especially around the Bay Area. How many of you Bay Areans are driving around (and you're always driving around) thinking, "MAN, I wish these classic rock stations would play even more Steve Miller Band." Well, for you, perhaps a vocals-only station isn't necessary. But for the rest of us--we need a little variety around here. Even if it's the same regurgitated music, broken up into separate tracks.

The classic classic-rock vocal by David Lee Roth. Imagine standing in a tiny recording booth with a big mic and this comes out of your vocal chords. Pretty awesome--goddammit baby, I ain't lyin'...

I need more reverb (and background vocals--the unsung heroes of many pop songs).

Ladies! You have not been forgotten. Once a month, Classic-Rock Vocals-Only station will play this song. So just quit bugging us already, OKAY?

Baby boomers--you're included too. KFOG needs a vocals-only show even if it's at 3 a.m. People over 57 have lots of sleep issues.

Some of us have wondered over the years, how in the world did ABBA sing like that? The answer: high-waisted leather pants.

Add background vocals and instruments for instant ABBA.

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Soup and Song said...

Love this! That David Lee Roth one is one of my all-time favorites.