Monday, January 31, 2011

Showbiz Twinz

Twins! In show business! A classic combination!

Marge and Mary Ann Ganser gave The Shangri-Las twin power.

Cherie and Marie Currie had a brief run after The Runaways broke up. Cherie is now a chainsaw artist. That rocks.

Tegan and Sara - Canadian art rockers. And twins.

Kim and Kelley Deal brought us one of the strangest hit songs ever. Still kicking the jams in The Breeders. Thank you, Dayton!

Jenny Lewis is enhanced by The Watson Twins. This Sarah Silverman clip reminds me uncomfortably of that Hee Haw lunchbox I had to use in third grade because my mom waited too long to take me lunchbox shopping that year. It wasn't an ironic lunchbox choice, merely mortifying.

The Cocteau Twins are not twins, but it's my blog and I get to include them anyway.

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