Friday, March 04, 2011

Shrubbery - A Celebration

You know, shrubbery gets short shrift. It borders us, blocks views of neighbors, keeps freeway on-ramps from being suicidally depressive in scope. People trim them into little shapes. Sometimes big shapes, like elephants. Have you ever seen a topiary garden shaped like a dragon, or a giant tea party? My former neighbor used to do that. And it was damn amusing. So let's explore: shrubbery among us.

"A Man Named Pearl" - the documentary about Pearl Fryar, self-taught topiary gardener who sculpts plants because it brings him (and his community) great joy.

Maybe I could find employment as a dancing shrub. My resume needs beefing up and I have a decent sense of gardening know-how and rhythm.

Animated hedge stalking with Homer Simpson.
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Do you have juniper bushes? Rip them out, or save a couple and trim them like gnarly little trees. But don't do this:
Seriously, I can't be your friend if you do.

Give a kid a bush and a video camera and they will figure out the rest.


Xavier said...

"shrubbery gets short shrift"

You should get an alliteration prize :)

Miss Lisa said...

I patiently await the call from the Alliteration Association.

Anonymous said...

We used to go shrubbing in El Cerrito in the 80s. As the elders have moved on to that Big Garden in the Sky, EC has lost some of its mid-century shrub appeal. The younger moderns go for that multi/native/groomed-jungle/drought-friendly look, as do I, but something, inevitably, is lost.