Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day - Saturday Saturday Saturday!

Tomorrow. Is. Record Store Day.

So go out and buy ya some records everyone. Or CDs or whatever you treasure. There's going to be all kinds of special vinyl releases and barbecues and what-not, so check out the Record Store Day site and find a store near you (you might have to drive a little farther this year than in the past, sadly, unless you live in San Francisco, you lucky record-buying sod).

Hey, Yo La Tengo at Amoeba Records, what's in your bag?

Questlove--what's in your bag, sir?

Well, what about you, Girl In A Coma?

Now that you're all fired up for some music shopping--go to it.

And here's something else you can do this weekend, watch Coachilla live on the YouTubes. Showing RIGHT NOW, April 15-17. I just watched some Interpol--that's some dark pop shit there. And the Black Keys are on tonight at 11:15 so I can feel cool while I'm basically being a nerd in front of the computer. (Actually, I'll be in bed--it's been one of those weeks.)

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