Monday, September 26, 2011

From the mixed-up MP3 files of Mrs. Captive Wild Woman blogspot dot com

It's one of those days. The 100+ degree weather has taken a turn and suddenly we're wearing pants. And socks. And cardigans. Not to worry because thanks to climate change we'll be back at the community pool in 90-degree heat within a day or so. It's like living in two places at once with two wardrobes and of course, the squirrels (no matter what the season, weather, or mindset, there are squirrels).

So what's on the MP3 playlist today? I set it for random scramble (like a squirrel) and here's what came up. Enjoy.

Dumbo Gets Mad - Eclectic Prawn. From Italy and really quite a mish-mash of wonderful things.

The Appleseed Cast - End Frigate Constellation. Prog not dead.

Why not see them live? I think you won't be sorry.

Odjbox - Teresina. Technically I'm listening to their remix, Sepia Sky, but there's no video for it, unfortunately. This is also fun and has clips from one of my favorite old films, "Dance Girl Dance."

Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes. Bringing the girlish back to girl groups.

Ty Segall - The Drag. This young fellow can really rock (said while in my rocking chair on the porch with a bowl of roasted almonds in my lap).

Plus: no video but worth a listen (and a free download):

Extra Happy Ghost - Mercy Mercy

Mark Davis - Eliminate the Toxins

Comet Gain - Working Circle Explosive!

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