Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice Hair Recap - Ep 1 Hero Worship

Hi and welcome to "Celebrity Apprentice" Hair Recap, Episode 1 - Hero Worship. I've never seen "The Apprentice." Donald Trump on my TV makes me break out in mental hives. And cutthroat business deals make me nervous in general. But I couldn't help noticing while flipping channels the other night how FABULOUS the hair was in this season's cast. One of the contestants even tried to name her team based on how great all their hair was. Celebrity hair is by nature more prone to fabulousness, but still...

So the celebrities are on two teams, men vs. women, and they have entrepreneurial competitions to raise money for their favorite charities. This week's episode proves that reality TV can make a competition out of anything--in this case sandwiches. The men, led by team leader Paul Teutul, Sr. for Make A Wish Foundation, won due to a single donor who paid $300,000 for a sandwich. That must have been one tasty sandwich.

Let's get to the hair, in no particular order. I was happy to see Clay Aiken's natural red hair all sticking out every which way. I'm partial to celebrity redheads. Singer/actress Aubrey O'Day's red hair, on the other hand is trying too hard. Adam Corolla has a nice head of thick hair, but future installments will definitely glorify Dee Snider's coif and Paul Teutuls' mutton chops--it's just harder to draw lighter hair and make it look right. Speaking of which, Victoria Gotti gets special props for the most incredible, stupendous, jaw-dropping hair. I don't even know how she accomplished this look--part Barbie, part thrift-store plushie. I'm going to hide out now.

And of course every week will feature Donald's hair.

Fired for being too nice and quiet: Cheryl Tiegs and her classic pageboy bob. 

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