Monday, April 30, 2012

Superhero Haiku

Today is the last day of April—the last day of National Poetry Month. But don't despair because it's almost Free Comic Book Day (May 5). Let's celebrate with superhero haiku. Super!

Superman flying
cape billowing in the wind
hairs neatly in place

Fantastic Four: stretch,
invisible girl, fire guy;
good band name: The Thing

Wonder Woman flies
her invisible airplane
no one sees her fly

Batman and Robin
hide their true relationship
only Alfred knows

career frustration
for Captain America
can't get to Major

Mighty Thor always
shops at IKEA for his
lingonberry juice 

Avengers unite
fighting against evil foes
what about Enron?

Spiderman sell-out
movies, a failed Broadway show
oh no, James Franco

she's problematic
She-Hulk can't keep her clothes on
superhero porn

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