Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra - Classical Music in The Congo

60 Minutes featured a wonderful story this week about the 200-member Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra. It's the only symphony orchestra in central Africa and the only all-black orchestra in the world. Former commercial pilot, Armand Diangienda, taught himself how to read music and play several instruments after his airline shut down. He began the amateur orchestra in the city of Kinshasa from literally nothing in one of the poorest, war-torn countries in the world. Some of the musicians travel miles over rocky dirt roads to come to rehearsal. Their dedication to classical music is very moving. Listen to them take on Beethoven's daunting Ninth. Amazing.

The full story is here.

Click here to learn more or to donate to the Kinshasa Music School.

"Kinshasa Symphony" is a 2010 German documentary about the orchestra. Trailer:

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RaiderLegend said...

I just saw the 60 minutes feature on Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra and was very impressed with the story. It shows how the gift of music bonds and heals. Gotta give 60 minutes credit for a story well featured.