Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't Text and Walk - A Public Service Announcement

You have something to text and you're going places, but please don't do it at the same time. What if you should happen to meet with clumsy misfortune due to not paying attention to where you're going? And someone is filming this incident unbeknownst to you? And then that person posts it on the YouTube where people worldwide can poke fun at your mishap again and again into perpetuity? So much so, that the video lands on local and then national news affiliates, who then broadcast your mortification to people who AREN'T EVEN ON THE INTERNET? Rhetorical questions. Just don't do it.

Breaking News: Bear Sighting in La Crescenta (I actually have friends who live there so I can't wait to talk about the bear at their next backyard barbecue). Guy texting and ambling down the usually peaceful sidewalk has NO CLUE. Well, he's about to get a wake-up call from one of nature's most intimidating omnivores.

This one's famous. I know you've seen it. It's the Beatles of falling-down-while-texting videos. Still, there's a reason it's such a classic. It's damn effective as a deterrent. This lady later tried to sue the mall but I don't know what's going on with that. I think she doesn't have a leg to stand on. Heh.

Girl falls down while texting on live news. She. Really. Falls. Down. Do you think she kept texting while on the ground? I FELL DWN! ANKLE BRKN. OW OW OW THIS SUX.

And watch for low-hanging objects while you're at it.

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