Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gahan Wilson films for when you feel like a Gahan Wilson comic

They say write what you know and this I know: I have a a whopper of something viral. Something disgusting from the head up. My throat, my sinuses, my eyes, my hair—all hurt. The tops of my feet hurt. Today as I walked, zombie-like from bed to bathroom, my nose began to bleed. It was a little more epic than the usual nosebleed and my tissue supply was quickly depleted. Also, my voice sounds whispery and choked, like when you have a bad dream where you're being chased by monsters and you can't yell for help. All that comes out is, "Haaaaaaaah-aaaaah!"

So now you know. When I gaped at myself in the mirror this morning for the first time, I truly believed I would resemble a Gahan Wilson illustration. With the bug-eyes, massive wrinkles, bony appendages, haunted expression. But I was my normal-looking, puffy, sleepy-eyed slack-jawed self. It was all I could hope for. Here's some animated Gahan Wilson, in honor of this...something viral that I have caught.

Gahan Wilson's Diner

It was a Dark and Silly Night, written by Neil Gaiman, from Art Spiegelman's children's comic collection of the same name.

Eternal Hold from the New Yorker

The Bridgekeeper (square) from Sesame Street

Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird trailer from the documentary by Steven-Charles Jaffe, featuring Gahan Wilson, Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black, Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman and Guillermo Del Toro.

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