Sunday, November 25, 2012

Animals Playing Music

In my post-Thanksgiving food stupor, I haven't been at my sparkiest in the past few days. Recently I did manage to see an entertaining new play, Status Update, in which the protagonist, a depressed freelance photographer, jumps into her Facebook feed as if down a rabbit hole. There she encounters the wonders of Internet addiction made flesh, hosted by her somewhat sinister guide, Keyboard Cat. One of the lessons learned: when life gets too troubling, there are so many cute animal videos online. Partake in the cuteness as we witness the wonder, the glory, of animals playing music.

Tucker the schnoodle plays and sings at the piano. Good dog, Tucker.

Nora the cat plays us a tune on piano. The piano—easy to learn, a lifetime to master.

Amazon parrot, Captain Flint, sings A Pirate's Life for Me. So inspiring!

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Tuckers said...

Awww, made my day :)