Tuesday, November 13, 2012

White People Mourning Romney Embroidery Samplers

Since the election, I've really been enjoying the White People Mourning Romney site. A collection of Republican social-media quotes, photos and ephemera. Some of the sentiments expressed are so awe-inspiring and heartfelt, I thought it was up to me to turn them into monetary worth. So I bring to you custom-embroidery: samplers, pillows, and assorted decor from white people mourning Romney.

They're sad. They're mad. They're delusional and most likely racist. Bring their view of Americana into your abode. These are prototypes, but once I get the necessary permissions and cheap overseas labor lined up, I'll be cranking this crap out nonstop, at least until 2016 and (probably) beyond.

Hurry! For a limited time only, if you order a White People Mourning Romney embroidery sampler product, you will receive this FREE Fox-Newscasters-in-Denial T-shirt. One-hundred percent cotton with quality silkscreen print of Fox newscasters in shocking, jaw-dropping, pale-faced denial about the 2012 election results. Includes Karl Rove before he was hauled off the set due to his unrelenting babbling about Ohio! Hurry though. This is a limited-time offer. While supplies last. Unisex sizing because: equality for all. Duh.


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Oh, these are awesome.

I just love how all these conservatives were "WE LOVE AMERICA ITS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHY DO YOU LIBERALS HATE IT" to "I HATE THIS COUNTRY IT SUCKS NOW WAAAAH." It shows them up for the liars they are.