Thursday, February 21, 2013

Housework Haiku

That's right: housework haiku. Everybody's doing it (eventually)—nobody's writing haiku about it. I'm here to fill the housework haiku void.* Just me, sitting at my dusty, cluttered desk on a non-ergonomic chair with wall-to-wall carpeting full of spilled Cheerios and sundry items.

shoving a vacuum
across the carpeted floor
modern punishment

dishwasher loaded
pioneers scrubbed endlessly
I push a button

dusting is touching
every surface you live with
so much to fathom

hail, washer/dryer
you never disappoint me
machines of valor

cobwebs overhead
drifting on the air currents
feel my dust-mop's wrath

bathroom mania
soaker tubs, designer sinks
more toilets to scrub

I don't iron much
Around this house, that's men's work
my soul is wrinkled

crumbs are everywhere
we are surrounded by crumbs
let's face it, they win

besieged within filth
because I promised to write
this housework haiku

*Lovely images from Jessica Cangiano's Pinterest—check it out.

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