Monday, February 18, 2013

Animated Cat GIFs Because I Like Attention

The Internet and cats—an endless love affair! Posting these animated cat gifs will put me on the path of winning worldwide popularity and soon my future as an international tastemaker will be assured. I'd much rather focus on that than admit that I've gathered these gifs and am profiting from them here, even though I had nothing to do with their creation. It's not about creation, but aggregation. And branding. And SEO. And diagonal venture-market-Web 2.0-building. And cute widdle whiskers.

Business Cat - this reminds me of a dream I had where my cat got a job at Walgreen's, but every time customers asked him questions, he just sat, staring and blinking at them from behind the counter.

 photo cat_businessman.gif

Have you ever had an imperfect customer-service interaction? Perhaps this is why:

 photo cat_customer-serv.gif

A cat gambling addiction is a serious matter. But oh so cute.

 photo cat_shell-game.gif

Cat space jump is good for yet another WTF moment.

 photo cat_space-jump.gif

Cat with rats peaceable kingdom gif.

 photo cat-rats.gif

Maru is probably the most famous cat on the Internet and with good reason. He's the Cary Grant of cats.

 photo maru_brushing.gif

This dumb pre-Internet guy I once semi-dated claimed that cats were incapable of having facial expressions. How Wrong He Was.

 photo surprise_kitty2.gif

 photo surprised_kitty.gif

Oh, cats. Don't ever change!

 photo thirsty-kitteh.gif

 photo cat_ping-pong.gif

Thank you, Internet.

 photo kitty_blowdryer.gif

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