Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspirational Images and Quotes for Your Facebook Wall

Facebook—everybody's doing it! Your neighbor down the street, that girl who sat behind you in Algebra II in 1980, some guy you knew in third grade, your cousin from Denton—that about covers it. And it seems like they're all sharing inspirational images and quotes on your wall. Well, don't just sit there—join in!

I've made some inspirational images and quotes for you to share with your loved ones and acquaintances on Facebook. Please do so as compulsively as possible. I have an inexplicable need to spread my special messages far and wide! Won't you spam, I mean SLATHER my message-images so that I can pat myself on the back without actually accomplishing anything? Thanks!

Here ya go!



 New Age!

Thought Provoking!


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