Wednesday, February 25, 2015

She Mob - Expired Cough Syrup (Don't Drink It) - with fabulous found footage

Ooh, I lucked out today and stumbled upon a beautiful educational film from the A/V Geeks Archive: Hidden Treasures from 1951. If you like closeup (in this case, microscopic) photography, this is the educational science film for you! Great found footage practically edits itself to the song—I'm here to testify to this.

Expired Cough Syrup (Don't Drink It) is a true story about Joy's bad trip from bad cough syrup that she innocently ingested while trying to treat a bad cough. She had a rough time of it, chemically, but she lived to write and compose the song and it's on She Mob's third album, "Not In My World" from 2005. (Available here)

"Not In My World" is an interesting one. She Mob was in flux at the time. I had just had a baby and couldn't partake much in musical endeavors. I sang backup on a few songs on this one and that's it. Before I left for motherhood hiatus, the band had experienced "creative differences" (fighting) between founding members, Joy, Diane and me. It wasn't much of a fight—more like tense psychological warfare involving a battle of wills and a coronet player from El Cerrito.

Band fights are the stuff of legend but no one outside the situation can ever comprehend them fully because they involve personal histories, old and new grudges, and inexplicable mental states that are of the moment, never to be fully understood. Suffice to say, "Not In My World" has some anger issues. But it also has a soft side. In fact, if it were on vinyl, Side A would be super-pissed and side B would help you relax and be in the moment.

Joy, Suki and Alan play on this song and as a special treat, Suki worked her sampler magic. The footage is really quite spectacular—I just cobbled it together.

If you're looking for excellent found-footage gold, consider purchasing an affordable DVD sampler from A/V Geeks.

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