Saturday, August 27, 2016

My funniest Facebook comment-war thanks to the Cocks Not Glocks protest

I'll explain: thanks to the "campus carry" gun policy backed and enforced by Texas governor Greg Abbott, it's legal to bring a licensed gun onto any Texas campus and right into the classroom. Yet the University of Texas at Austin's student handbook bans the "distributing" and "brandishing" sex toys.

Noting the absurd discrepancy, One Pulse for America student activists Jessica Jin and Ana Lopez staged a clever Cocks Not Glocks demonstration this week. They handed out hundreds of dildos to their fellow students, who brandished them in their classrooms and throughout the campus with impunity. Just like their open-carry gun-toting brethren.

This of course got mass-media attention and will probably lead to one of two results—either campus officials will take this open-carry battle to the highest federal court because their state insists they allow guns in their classrooms, whether they want them there or not (and if I know most college professors, the answer to that is probably not), or the college will shrug its collective shoulders and say, "Okay, okay, you made your point—you can go ahead and carry dildos around campus too. Enjoy, kids."

Anyway, the .Mic news site made a great little video about the photo-op-rich rally and I commented to the UT activists a positive little message of support, because you can imagine the backlash they're getting from gun-toters who find sex toys "obscene." I got some brush-back for my effort. And I'm amused. So I saved it here, because let's face it, campus carry laws are not the best policy, and also Facebook is so rarely amusing.

See for yourself. My original comment, "Hilarious and insightful. Keep up the good work," is at the top, followed by the following exchange:

Mark Davidson thinks that if he writes "you failed to make a point or a joke," it is so, when the reality is very different. His deep denial aside, he set the pointed joke up with his own argument and it is PERFECTION.

Here's a screen shot of some of the video points from the .Mic video. The original is here.

Now these activists have made their point and it's funny and true. Keep up the good work, ladies.

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