Thursday, June 08, 2017

March for Truth San Francisco featuring Trump Russian Nesting Dolls and Jazz

Yes, it's true the March for Truth set for San Francisco on June 3, 2017 was cancelled to the chagrin of marchers throughout the Bay Area. But the problem of getting a permit together in time for the event, did not curtail the march in full because luckily the hard-working and cheeky folks at Indivisible SF planned a Flash Mob for Truth, and you don't need a permit to host a flash mob.

Still, calling it a Flash Mob for Truth, sounds a little goofy and surreal. Although, the event itself was both those things in the best possible way. Thank you, Indivisible SF for your massive effort to put together a delightful day of music, sing-alongs and political theater PLUS bigger-than-life Trump Russian nesting dolls.

We started off at the Powell cable-car turnaround at Market. Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band appeared, on time, tuning up, and ready to play. I was so excited to see a New Orleans style marching band, I cannot emphasize this enough. I've participated in many political marches since the 1980s but lately there's been a plethora of incredibly talented dedicated musicians joining in. I didn't set out to film all of them, but I just keep noting how special it is that this is happening at all, and the fact that it's being set to traditional American music, makes it even more soulful.

Let's march! For Truth! For Justice! For the end of this corrupt administration! New Orleans Jazz forever!


"Nostalgic for Nixon" (note "FBI agents" in foreground)

"RESIST" umbrellas help protect from sun damage

St. Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band in action

Down Market Street

A fairly long walk to the Embarcadero - so many horn solos

Trump nesting doll with "FBI" at Justin Herman Plaza

Trump, Pence, Kushner, Page, Flynn and tiny Putin nesting dolls

Let's Rally!

Indivisible SF MC Steve Rapport gave an extraordinary account of the Trump administration's shortcomings, read as a prose piece of insane, horrifying and all-true descriptors. One of the best uses of adjectives to damn corrupted power players who have no business being in power. The unveiling of the nesting dolls was well served by Rapport's summation.

More jazz, with marching, if that's what moves you.

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