Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tiny Totz Comix with Scooter and Tink - 1996

I cleaned out my garage this weekend and look what I found - the golden age of my comics career (such as it was). Throughout the 80s and 90s, I submitted comics to various fanzines throughout the nation. Sometimes I got published, and then I'd receive loads of submission copies to send to all my friends. It was a golden age, I tell ya! "Tiny Totz" was to be a series, but I only completed two of them. I have more scripts (I found my old journals too—my garage is chock full), so I might just take these up again.

The pals in Tiny Totz, Scooter Pye Mullman and Tinker Belle Vandermeier, were completely based on friendships I had growing up in the suburban 70s during the hands-off parenting era. We were the last of the baby boom and it was like The Island of the Wild Children in our rural cul-de-sac world. But the attitudes portrayed are all 90s-smartass, obviously. A cultural stew!

This episode, "Puberty Shmewberty!" appeared in the comic compilation, Action Girl #11, published by Sarah Dyer, probably in 1996. It was printed on paper because paper was still happening, and it looked like this.

But I'm going to break it down because this is the Internet, dammit. Click for bigsies.

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