Sunday, December 03, 2006

2006 - Year of the Vag

It's almost the new year. I just got used to seeing "2006" in all my correspondence. Now I have to bump it up to '07. When you've spent all your life writing 19_ whatever, it's very weird to to write 2000+. It feels like a work of fiction every time you date a check. But it's true--it really is the 21st century. Do you think when it's 2525, anyone will remember that bummer of a song from 1969 by Zager and Evans? Maybe--if man is still alive, and woman can survive, they may find...

Can I be the first to proclaim 2006 as the year of the vagina? The year the vagina made itself known in all its once-hidden glory? Don't be squeamish. Vaginas have been around a long, long time. If they're finally getting a day in the sun, I say, "Welcome--welcome internal genitalia and birth canal."

Back in 2004, Richard Avedon clicked a shot of Chan Marhsall's (a.k.a. Cat Power) pubic area peeking out of her jeans. The snowball trend started barreling down our consciousness hill and we're now in full-on vagina mode.

From Madonna's disco-enriched camel toe, to the Hollywood "It" girl crotch-shot trio (Paris, Lindsay, Britney), the vagina is making itself known, loud and clear. And if you're a bit modest and you don't want to acknowledge the new out-and-about photo op--too bad! The vagina is here to stay!

Remember how shocking Sharon Stone's "accidental" up-the-dress scene was in Basic Instinct? As the cigarrette ad once proclaimed, "You've come a long way baby!"

What will 2007 bring? I say, bring on the penis.


Tuckers said...

I say AMEN to the penis!

I think the whole Brittney Vag thing is just a publicity stunt. After all the girl has just realeased a new fragrance for Christmass. I heard it's called MINGE.

Coincidence? I think not!

Tuckers said...

Also, was it this year or last years episode of South Park, when Oprah's vagina goes on a crime spree?

It's voice was that of Crocodile Dundee. Hence it is referred to as her Minge the entire episode (an Australian term for vagina I believe).

The scene where it wields a gun and holds people hostage is pretty classic material I think.

For an anatomical tour of the Minge, Wikipedia does not dissapoint.

Lisa Mc said...

Many years ago, the almost-forgotten group, Bong Water, put out an insane, black & white animated video called "The Power of Pussy"--really graphic and funny at the same time, using Imagery borrowed from "King Kong." I can't find any of their stuff on You Tube but if I had the technology, I'd load up my bootleg copy for all to see. Otherwise, you'll just have to come to my house to watch the primitive video.

Tuckers said...

But, I of course have a copy. You want the cover art?