Sunday, February 25, 2007

Conceptual Tor

Tor Johnson. No reason, just...Tor Johnson.
Tor Johnson

Bush/Cheney Supporter Tor.

Warhol Tor.

Tor in Blue Wig.


Tuckers said...

Your political commentary is acid. It rots away at the very marrow of society.

I think I have that wig.

Lisa Mc said...

It' Britney Spears' wig, colorized. I'm not commenting on Britney's recent spate of troubles--I wish her all the best--bon recovery Britney! It's just that she's in the media CONSTANTLY and well...that's her wig.

Tuckers said...

Like I said, I think it's my wig.

Now everybody leave me alone and get those damn cameras out of my face. (In and out of rehab six times today).

Anonymous said...

Nice sequence Lisa, the political and transgendered "Plan 9 from outer space," naturally you had to go to the wig, not only because of your feminist view but the Swedish born actor did actually have a full head of blond hair, and in the tradition of Ed Wood a very appropriate B rated blog entry, very similar to George Bush's Idea to go to Iran (uncanny of you, that's an extra 3 points).