Monday, February 18, 2008

Au Revoir Polaroid Instant Film

Last week Polaroid announced the end of instant film. I had noticed a lack of instant cameras for sale in drugstores a couple of years ago. Remember all those annoying would-be hipster commercials for i-Zone Sticky cameras? Gone! As are all the manufacturing of all the professional and consumer-grade cameras. Now film will be phased out and the company will concentrate on, of course, digital imagery.

I used to do continuity on film shoots and we always used Polaroids to make sure everyone's costumes, hair-lengths, make-up (especially bruises and fake tattoos), cigarettes, drinks, etc. were all properly in place from day to day. Everything you see in film and television is shot out of sync, unless it's one long take. So now do people use digital cameras for this? You'd have to have a pretty big view-finder to tell how long someone's cigarette butt should be for the next day's shoot/smoke. I guess you could plug everything into a printer and print out the day's photos; one more step to deal with in your long work-day. I will miss watching the development of instant, square-framed, oddly saturated Polaroids.

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