Sunday, March 23, 2008

XBXRX at 40th St., Oakland, 2003 or 04

This is at a secret punk rock warehouse located on a mostly residential block that I used to live near by. I'm visualizing the neighborhood now: sunny, wide street with flower-covered middle dividers (kept up by the neighbors), flooring store, former massage parlor (closed by the city for illegal activities), Japanese restaurant. Keep going up the little hill and you're in the Piedmont Ave. area--great food, great comic book store. If you turn right on Broadway you're on auto row. If you turn left on Broadway, you pass Oakland Tech. High School--huge historic buildng. Keep going past Rockridge and you arrive at Lake Temescal--jump in for a swim. Oakland is a good city in many different ways.

I only saw one show there and I wish it had been this one. I like the interactive yet off-putting aesthetics. It's now, it's happening, it's XBXRX.


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