Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kara Herold's "Bachelorette 34" - The Saga of Being Single

My friend Kara just completed her 30-minute film, "Bachelorette 34" about her mom's #1 goal to marry off her daughter. Kara's work is both satirical and deeply thoughtful. The film premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam and is ready for distribution. She's looking for donations so she can become part of the New Day film co-op and self-distribute her way into Women and Gender Studies departments around the country. If you've been thinking of donating some dollars to the arts--look no further. This is a deserving artist. Tax deductible--of course!

More information on donating and some press reviews are on her site.

"Bachelorette 34" trailer

"Grrlyshow" trailer - Kara's documentary on women who publish zines. This just showed at San Francisco Zine Fest. I worked on a brief segment with Kara on this film, which didn't make the cut, but it was so interesting to see all the little pieces she puts together to make a documentary--she's a filmic quilter.

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