Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Chinese Democracy" Sends Crowds Rushing to GNR Cover Band

People are still so enamored by the classic Guns N' Roses sound, that Mr. Brownstone, a GNR cover band made up of members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Boss Tweed, and Takka Takka, appeared on David Letterman last week. Sure, why not?

And in related news, Axl Rose's 13-year project, "Chinese Democracy" was released yesterday (but only on MySpace and at Best Buy, its only distributor). The band on the CD is listed as Guns N' Roses, but accept no imposters. There's only one Guns N' Roses (see cover band above).

-PopDose reviewed "Chinese Democracy." Big thumb's down.
-The Seattle Times review: Not worth it.
-Rolling Stone claims, "It rocks!"
-Chuck Klosterman says that Axl did a good thing here.

This heavy-metal moment was originally sourced from the Urban Outfitters Blog.

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