Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moe Tucker & Jonathan Richman - "I'm Sticking With You"

Dude! Obama's President! Other than Wowee Wow Wow, I'm temporarily rendered speechless (writerless). How 'bout that inauguration? Pretty special. See? I'm brain-damaged with happiness. I just liked watching the Obamas dance at the ball tonight. ¡Magnifico!

Here's a great little rendition of I'm Sticking With You. I stumbled upon this whilst fixing dozens of videos on the blog, which is undergoing YouTube copyright situation. Every nine months or so, record and film companies perform a raid on YouTube, wiping out hundreds, if not thousands of videos. This time around they allowed certain music videos, but only the visuals. The songs had to be removed or replaced with material deemed appropriate from the legal files. This has caused confusion and delay (to quote "Thomas the Tank Engine") in blog-land.

This time the music's there but the visuals: no. Take THAT record companies! Am I making any sense at all tonight?

The last time I saw Jonathan Richman was in a bar in San Francisco that my band She Mob was scheduled to play at. He was there early, talking to someone who worked there. When he finished, we excitedly gave him a CD, thinking he would love our naive chaos. Never heard from the man. He was wearing a really thick burgundy-colored, acrylic sweater. And it was hot that day. Jonathan Richman--iconoclast.

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