Friday, February 13, 2009

It's David Carradine Friday - You Got a Problem With That?

Last night David Carradine dropped in on "Loveline" and hung out with Dr. Drew. Keith heard the show at the gym and pronounced David Carradine, "cool"--something his fans have known for some time now. It doesn't matter that he was drinking a Mr. Skipper while on the show (they joked about it quite a bit with Dr. Drew asking, "What kind of drink is that?" before Carradine admitted it was a Dr. Pepper knock-off from Safeway).

It doesn't matter that his post-television/film career consisted mostly of Thai chi and Qi Gong exercise tapes for many years before Quentin Tarantino brought him back to film life in the "Kill Bill" series. David Carradine just emanates a sort of "seething cool" as in, he is cool, but don't mess with him. Americans love that.

David Carradine walks out of the desert and into our lives in "Kung Fu"

They couldn't fool me--I knew David Carradine wasn't Asian, even though he was constantly fighting racial prejudice in this show--it was very confusing and really diluted the message. Plus the non-violent stance was compromised in every episode. The 70s were really fucked up.

David Carradine dodges bullets in "Kung Fu The Legend Continues"

David Carradine teaches you the secrets of Thai Chi Kung Fu

"Kill Bill" trailer

(Still haven't seen this--too violent. I'm wussy that way.)

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Tuckers said...

Wow, he was really cute then. Love that asianesque look.