Monday, February 02, 2009

Nu Funk & Soul for Monday

I'm working on a Web site today so I'll just post the simplest of video concepts: record labels, a dancing guy in a cafe, a very charismatic and talented singer working with the simplest of props and one adorable child. Without me saying much else, this music grooves. I want to type: this music grooves, baby. But I was a little self-conscious about using that "baby."

Is it OK to use that? Some Internet aficionados have been abbreviating it as "bb" and that seems to work for many occasions. Like if you're embarrassed to use hip slang from four decades ago, an abbreviation might be a sort of post-modern take on it, as if to say: it's wrong for me to use this hip slang; I know it is; but here's my way of acknowledging that, bb.

Kings Go Forth - One Day

No video for this, my new favorite Curtis Mayfield-inspired song, but it was used to great effect in "High-Five Inauguration" on Funny or Die.

Mike Long dances to Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings - How Do I Let a Good Man Down?

Jill Scott - Hate On Me

Oh my, Jill Scott is the real deal. Her starshine deserves to beam throughout the universe.

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