Monday, March 09, 2009

Brick - "Dazz" 1976

Two nights ago during an unusually restful slumber I dreamt about a young woman who was telling me about her pet bird. "He loves disco," she said. "All forms of disco."

"Does he like the Dazz Band?" I wanted to know.

"He LOVES the Dazz Band," she enthused.

Whereupon I thought, I HAVE to meet this bird.

Typically my dream logic was anything but, since I really meant Dazz, the song, by the Atlanta-based band Brick, and not the actual Dazz Band, although they're keen as well. It made no never mind because she knew what I meant and when you hear this song again (or maybe for the first time, all you young 'uns), you'll know what I meant too. Any bird that loves this song should be invited to your next party.

Dazz was a fusion of disco and jazz and went over really well (not so well-received was the follow-up, Dusic, although it has its moments). No one wanted to fuse disco and funk and call it Dunk, but that's essentially what we have here. And it features a killer flute solo, which is a sentence I've never been able to write before.

Snowball, the famous dancing bird of Northwest Indiana.

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Love it!!