Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Surrealism Lives!

A celebrity

The color blue

Automatic writing
The blue pencil lies on the scrap piece of paper, full of freelance hours spent working on a visual-effects Web site for the past several nights. The recession continues to hit hard, especially for residents of the Northwest. We wait for Spring, wondering when the sun will emerge. Sometimes it emerges ten times a day; sometimes not much at all. Some days are cloudy with snow showers. Yesterday it snowed, rained, sleeted and hailed. The sun emerged four times. We wondered if a rainbow could form under those conditions. We did not spy a rainbow.

A bug

A fish on a bicycle

What not to do with a dead whale.


mamiel said...

This seems not just surreal but a tad bit dada. I love it.

michelle robinson said...

that is a weird bug.

Lisa Mc said...

C'est absurde!