Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Laurel & Hardy your troubles away

The news has us going to hell in a hand basket every day of the week lately. There's no escape from the onslaught of murder, mayhem, medical malfeasance and pestilence. And don't forget all the relentless bitching and moaning going on while some people are trying to make things better. I won't even go into the attempted Bart strike that was narrowly averted, because ticket-takers and train operators were mad about not getting their usual OVERTIME pay. Poor BABIES!

I try to escape with comics, gossip and sometimes my family, but these are majorly fucked times and they call for drastic measures: Laurel & Hardy. When we were kids, our parents took us to the local pizza joint where it was dark, noisy and crowded. We sat in a cavernous room full of picnic tables and benches while endless loops of Laurel & Hardy, Three Stooges, and Little Rascals films played (from a projector!). As we picked at our iceberg lettuce and radish salads, waiting for our pizzas, we were in heaven. Or at least I was, staring up at the screen. That pizza place made me the person that I am today.

While I don't have a lot of pure Laurel & Hardy to share with you (a lot of mash-ups out there). I did find these clips, featuring the idiot geniuses of comedy. Try to see "Liberty," "The Music Box," and "Brats." They're all about chaos and mayhem, in a good way.

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