Monday, February 01, 2010

I hate you, pop culture

I watched seven minutes of the Grammys. That's pretty good for me. I just wanted to see half-naked and sparkly Pink dangle from the ceiling and spin around really fast while singing a ballad and not lip synching. She got splashed with water and kept spinning upside down and singing, splittering water all around the stage and onto the first three rows of musical trensetters (excellent use of water). No one was electrocuted and she kept singing nicely and on key. Way to wow everyone, Pink.

Then THIS group showed up and I could not turn away. Luckily someone else has said it all for me in this video. Thank you for shouldering the burden, Gladstone.

Note: Counting down the minutes until links will be non-working due to copyright issues in 5-4-3...


el space vato said...

.... I have (and still do) feel this way about the royal ass-clown Lenny Kravitz. All of the songs I was subjected to of his (I worked with two people who LOVED him!) were moronic, repetitive choruses that musically would of been catchy if he could of wrote the rest (3/4 left) of the song (stanzas, bridge, etc).
However, even if he could of wrote a complete song his lyrical prowess makes David Lee Roth look like Robert Frost!

mamiel said...

You didn't catch Gaga?

Lisa Mc said...

I watched a bit of Gaga the next day on the Internets. She's fun in small doses. But I knew she'd be a great big attention whore at the Grammys so I didn't wait around for her during the actual telecast. When it comes to Gaga, being unpredictable has become her new predictable.

I do like how everyone feels sorry for the guy sitting behind her in this photo.
Collective empathy is always refreshing.