Thursday, April 08, 2010

Add "Wow" Factor with Today's Hottest Lawn Ornaments

Forget garden gnomes. Today's outdoor spaces require a contemporary touch when it comes to lawn ornamentation. Add pizazz, wow-factor, and a bit of zowie to your yard with these fabulous lawn ornaments. Available exclusively (once permissions and trademarks are cleared) from CWW Decor.

What's Lady Gaga doing amongst your dahlia border? Perhaps hiding from the paparazzi? Or spending time in quiet contemplation after a bad romance? Whatever she's up to, she adds some serious avant-garde cred to your borders and beds. Made from quality resin and high-impact plastic, the Lady Gaga Lawn Ornament is here to entertain you for years to come.

Has your Zen garden got you a little too centered with the universe? For a dose of true earthiness, consider placing "The Boss" lawn ornament within. Next time you meditate, he'll be there to keep you in line. This plywood and fiberboard cut-out is coated with a clear acrylic lacquer so it won't warp, fade or harbor carpenter ants. The perfect boss!

Can I take your order sir? (or ma'am). This fast-food worker never asks for a raise and he serves as a reminder that you're never too far from a quick meal at the drive-through. Humorous lawn ornament fits in any large shrub, hollow tree, or wood shed. A modern tribute to our modern world.

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Ann said...

I'm definitely not a lawn ornament person - I'd rather have flowers and greeness only. But those are amusing for sure. Plant and Garden Blog