Monday, August 29, 2011

A fountain of chocolate

I have family in Connecticut who are without power and running water due to Hurricane Irene's fury. They will be living in a hotel for the near future and the first week of school will be cancelled until further notice. But otherwise they and their homes are doing OK. Not everyone they know can say the same.

When confronted with huge natural phenomena, what can we do but run for our lives? We California natives know this for a fact. Of course, it's equally hard to run through flood water and shaking earth. These events awaken fears and abilities we don't realize we have. And we're forced to admit that sometimes we're simply lucky to survive.

The Weather Channel can show all the satellite feeds they want. Even they with their 24-hour coverage don't know the hurricane's true path or outcome. Those Weather-Channel journalists must be very tired from standing in the driving wind for the past three days. To them, and to everyone without power, all I have to give you is this brief glimpse of a chocolate fountain from Bristol Farms' Grocery at the Westfield Mall food court in San Francisco. It's not very inspiring, but when your power comes back, you'll know chocolate fountains throughout the region will be turned on again and dipping will once more commence.

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