Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Science experiments for stay-at-home types

Science! It's not just for scientists any more. Whether you're a preschool teacher fulfilling the academic portion of a toddler's day, or a bored hipster who can't get a hold of your dealer, at-home science experiments are entertainment and brain candy in one. Double your fun while adding powerful new wrinkles to your cranial lobes. Here's how:

Make a lava lamp with regular kitchen ingredients. This experiment has mesmerized my son to the point where he can't sit at the dining-room table without activating his homemade lava lamps. It's made our family gatherings a little more groovy. Science Bob and his super low-key assistant will show you how.

Perhaps you would like to try something even more explosive. Like this "elephant's toothpaste" foam experiment.

But you're asking yourself, how can I do this incredible experiment at home? Science Bob will teach you.

Steve Spangler, Internet Science King, and his screaming balloons.

Life is better with a bouncy egg.

It glows too.

Don't forget my favorite: Non-Newtonian fluid on a speaker cone.

Surely you've added Mentos to your Diet Coke by now?

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