Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freaky Bikinis for Bikini Freaks - Repurposed Swimwear

It's almost bikini season. I hope you're pumping iron and spinning your wheels like never before in order to wear tiny scraps of cloth that move every which way when you enter, swim in and exit from waterways. But wait—must we bind ourselves to the idea of fabric when it comes to swimwear? This is, after all, the 21st Century. We should be evolving and so should our swim separates!

I'm breaking out of the boring old bikini mode of yesteryear and going green in the process. We all want to save Earth's precious resources while showing off our killer bods, right? But before you start Googling "bamboo thongs" or "hemp bandeaus," give the new CWW swimwear line a look-see. I think you'll be pleasantly gobsmacked by the crazy-sexy-cool beachwear situation we're presenting here.

Are we not green? We are vegan! Make a bold statement in our broccoli bikini. Guaranteed to last for half a day on the beach—or slightly longer poolside, if you avoid chlorine. Why are you swimming in chlorine anyway? That's unnatural and potentially toxic. Find yourself a saline-chemical pool or run through the sprinklers. But why do you have a lawn anyway? They waste water and are a source of fertilizer over-use that is ruining our very existence! Buy our broccoli bikini and don't be a putz.

Guaranteed organic broccoli bikini from local growers only

Those freakin' flip-flops, packing the landfill with their non-biodegradable bullshit! Aren't you ashamed to be flip-flopping around in those things? No worries! This repurposed flip-flop bikini gives new life to discarded footwear. You'll flip! And they float too, making you the most talked about gal at the community pool.

Comes in multiple flip-flop colors—we'll decide what's right for you

You've sold your car and now get around strictly by public transportation and bicycle. Good for you! I hope you're wearing your helmet out there. What about all the helmets getting tossed out each year? They're bulky and not exactly breaking down into organic matter any time soon. We got you covered—in a bicycle helmet bikini of course! Made of hard-impact materials that protect you every which way. If you're the clumsy type, I think you'll appreciate the safety aspects of this soon-to-be classic black suit. Reflector light makes swimming in the dark a breeze!

Looking good in our bike helmet bikini

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