Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ulysses sings "Secret Agent Man" on America's Got Talent

My man Ulysses sang "Secret Agent Man" on America's Got Talent last night and will be heading to New York for the big show. He had made it to the Las Vegas round on the strength of his faithful rendition of the theme from "Love Boat" in Tampa. As in the first round, Howard Stern is not convinced that Ulysses is a million-dollar act, while Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne are sold. Sharon in particular seems to love the concept of a guy who comes out on stage "like Yogi Bear with that great voice." Here's why Ulysses should win America's Got Talent:
  • He is mellow.
  • He seems really sweet.
  • He plays hand bells.
  • He made it in Tampa on the strength of "The Love Boat."
  • He is nicely chubby.
  • C'mon, "Secret Agent Man"! This guy's a genius.

Always remember Tampa. "The Love Boat." Ulysses.

I would also be happy if 10-year-old Sebastian and the El Charro de Oro Mariachi Band made it all the way. They're heading to New York so chances are good. I've got family from Jalisco and I lived in Guadalajara for a few months, so you know I've been listening to some mariachi music over the years. Individuals who are not situated in Western Mexico can find mariachi bands throughout urban areas in the southwestern United States. And now on network television.

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