Tuesday, November 27, 2012

She Mob - Lobster Girls

Joy was once talking to our friend Sam, who at the time was working in a lobster processing plant in Maine. He mentioned that he had put on She Mob's last album, "Not In My World" while at work. After a few songs, his co-workers complained that the music was scaring them. Thus, Lobster Girls was born.

This version is live and a bit muddled in more ways than one. It does capture something about She Mob and I think that something could be called hee-wack-a-doo. Also, the mild argument we're having in the mid-point was based on a real discussion at an earlier rehearsal regarding this particular song's "dancibility." I made sure this would be a dance video to prove my point. Because I am the director. And because I can.

She Mob's on CDBaby. Buy some songs, or a CD, complete with graphically designed photo inserts if you're old-school like that.

More songs about shellfish are here.

Footage courtesy of the Prelinger Archives.

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