Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have a Bob Lind Valentine's Day

I spent many Valentine's Days as a single lady and perhaps that's why I never appreciated the abundance of commodified celebration-of-love products that exist for the month of February. I get more excited about Black History Month. A WHOLE month of black history. That's noteworthy.

But thinking about love can be complicated. Some people don't have enough of it. Some people have much and would rather make it an ongoing celebration, rather than trivializing it with a single day of chocolates and greeting cards. Having a child who is growing up and perhaps starting to have "feelings" for some of his classmates, makes Valentine's touchy. You don't want to give away your whole hand when you're ten years old.

I'm just going to try and appreciate the love I have with my sweetie. He accepts me as I am and we enjoy experiencing the world together. He has a lot of love and expresses it well. He can build and fix bicycles and he likes to hug. He's gentle and true and keeps me posted on important baseball happenings as they occur. Here's to all that.

Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly, 1966. The sappiest pop song EVER, and that's saying a lot. Sometimes it plays in the grocery store while I'm searching for my sale items. Bob Lind's only hit but people still get misty-eyed thinking about it. We are born (most of us) to make connections with one another but that can definitely seem elusive. Like a butterfly. A butterfly of love.

Pulp's ultimately hopeful tribute, Bob Lind ((The Only Way Is Down), 2001.

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