Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Valentines for Real Life

Real life—real love situations. Anyone can give a mushy, sentimental Valentine. It takes GUTS to face real-life love issues HEAD-ON. These Valentines are here to fill a Valentine's Day void. Click to enlarge, print, and give. Then watch the sparks fly! Valentines for all occasions. Even crappy ones.

You drive me crazy! Not in a good way.

Fed up? Give an existential Valentine to the world at large. It'll make you feel better. Maybe.

Having second thoughts? Communicate effectively with this exclusive design. Then run like hell.

Proclaim your voyeuristic desires with this lovely Valentine. No time like the present.

A Valentine threesome! More to love!

Be very honest about your feelings this Valentine's day.

Relationships aren't over 'til they're over. Cut your losses, sister. He ain't gonna change.

Polyamory deserves its day too!

Yes, Valentines for ALL occasions!

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