Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Failed Memes

All my memes are failed memes, but these really tanked. Tanked hard. That doesn't mean I'm not going to share them with you anyway. Failure is a chance to learn, to grow, to meme once again.

I really am addicted to cereal, but I guess as far as addictions go, it's not a very compelling one.

I figured this had to appeal to some segment of society. I figured wrong.

They dyed Cindy's hair so much on The Brady Bunch that it started to fall out. Then they told her she could wear a wig. Poor Cindy.

My dad used to say this all the time.

Young Harvey Pekar in American Splendour asks a pertinent question with no answer.

What—God says stuff. This is something God might say if He watched a lot of reality TV. I'm sure He's very proud of us.

Yes, dealing with Comcast is a "first-world problem," and it's still awful.

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